We See London, We See France & They See Lindsay Lohan’s Underpants

Lindsay lohan fameflynet

It ain’t easy to shock French folk in sexy, seen-it-all Monte Carlo, but LINDSAY “Firecrotch” LOHAN totally cheesed off managers at a cheese shop with … er, super-cheesy behavior!

Said My French Riviera Spy: “At a quaint beachside shop, our fun-loving redhead suddenly got the urge to change into a white polka-dotted bikini she’d just bought, and take a swim.

Without giving it two thoughts, Lindsay wrapped a towel around her bod to cover up, wriggled and stripped out of undies, etc., right at the counter in front of customers – then slipped on her bikini!

Managers instantly exploded, barking, ‘Madame, Madame, we do not DO that here … This is a cheese shop! You must get out NOW!’”

NOT intimidated, La Flambe-Crotch snatched up her fallen panties – and exited, giggling at the fuming Frenchies!!

OO-la-LA! … And how was YOUR week?