Vin Diesel Warns Driver: Take It Real, Real SLOW!


When the limo driver transporting him from LAX suddenly started speeding FAST, VIN DIESEL turned FURIOUS, screaming: “Slow DOWN!” 

Said my “Furious 7” source: “The lead-footed driver eased up after Vin’s explosion – but just minutes later, he hit the gas and blasted through a yellow light.

Howled Vin: ‘That’s it! I’m getting OUT!’ – ordering the guy to pull over and phone for another driver. The poor guy pleaded not to be reported, saying he’d lose his job – but Vin groused that while he’s no rat, he’s sick and tired of his taxi and limo drivers ‘suddenly turning into DALE EARNHARDT!’ From that moment, the guy drove like a little old lady all the way to Vin’s Beverly Hills hotel!”