Eyewitnesses were shocked when BRUCE WILLIS, dining with wife EMMA HEMING at the legendary BevHills Hotel Polo Lounge, made a waitress break down in tears after angrily rejecting his meal not once, not twice – but three times!

“When Bruce got the lunch he’d ordered, he told the waitress it didn’t taste right, so she took it back to the kitchen,” said My Spy. “When the waitress brought it out again, Bruce tasted it – then complained bitterly that someone in the kitchen needed to be replaced! He ranted on and on before returning his lunch a second time.”

When the waitress bustled back with Meal Three, Bruce took one bite, immediately pushed his plate away and whined like a kranky kid: “I can’t eat this! I don’t understand why you can’t get this right.”

As Bully Baldy lasered his trademark glare at the trembling waitress, she suddenly burst into tears and split.

Wife Emma, noticeably embarrassed, abandoned her own lunch when Bruce stood and told her: “We’re leaving!”

(Buh-BYE, Brucie!)