TV’s Coop and Cohen: Riled by hairy hissy fit!


You think girls get weird about hair?! Silver Fox ANDERSON COOPER lashed out at bestie ANDY COHEN on “Watch What Happens Live” – bitchily accusing him of STEALING his trademark close-cropped haircut!

“Are you going to my barber,” snarked Coop?! “No,” barked Andy. “I’m not jacking your hair. This is a haircut I used to have … I’ll show you pictures!”

Even after cameras stopped rolling, Coop rolled on Andy mercilessly – persisting: “Why don’t you just admit you’re trying to copy me? Justadmit it and it’ll be over.” But Andy won’t concede!

Said a source: “This has been going on for weeks, but Anderson won’t rest until Andy goes back to his ‘un-Anderson Cooper’ hairstyle!”