WHO YOU CALLING A HAS-BEEN, HAS-BEEN?! Rich girl Tori Spelling owes her career to daddy-o producer Aaron Spelling and has all but disappeared as an actress since their show “Beverly Hills, 90210” went off the air. But she might as well be playing Scrooge as far as her co-stars on the TV movie “A Carol Christmas” are concerned.

Insiders say, Tori – who actually plays a bitchy TV talk show host in the flick – barked orders at everyone, refused to do interviews to plug the movie and wouldn’t allow any pictures of herself to be released unless they were touched up the way she wanted.

She also REFUSED to do a photo session with co-stars William Shatner and Gary Coleman, hissing: “I’m not taking pictures with those HASBEENS!” Say what you want about Shatner, but he’s a TV icon, while Tori is – well, see above. Grumbled an insider: “The word ‘diva’ was invented for her!”