Tom Selleck
Tom Selleck

"Blue Bloods” star TOM SELLECK blew up when a lamebrain extra who’d been handed a real pistol for a scene suddenly got trigger-happy and started pointing it at people.

The guy, who was playing a cop but had never held a real gun, recoiled when Selleck – a lifelong gun enthusiast and board member of the National Rifle Association – spotted him and bellowed: “Hey, YOU! What the HELL are you doing? That gun’s NOT a toy – stop waving it around!”

Turning bright red as Selleck marched over and got in his face, the nervous doofus quickly lowered the weapon, but the star barked: “Look at you…your finger’s STILL ON THE TRIGGER!”

Totally confused, the mortified guy sputtered: “Is the gun really loaded?” Rolling his eyes, Selleck snapped: “No, it’s not loaded. But when you handle a gun it’s common sense to assume it IS loaded, and NOT point it at people!”

The set went dead silent as the star launched a 10-minute safety rant – while the intimidated extra quickly surrendered the weapon to the prop master until his scene was ready to shoot.