Tom Hanks Saves The Day … Like ALWAYS!

Tom hanks saves day sq

FOLKS, we’ve always known it — now let’s make it official: TOM HANKS IS A SAINT!

In Florence, Italy, filming his third “Da Vinci Code” movie, Tom spotted a young American woman sobbing in a hotel lobby and instantly rushed to the rescue!

Said a “Da Vinci” insider: “This young American tourist couple on their honeymoon suddenly got ALL their luggage stolen, along with passports, money — everything! So Tom swung into action, using his star power to break through red tape at the American Embassy and get them new travel documents.

“Next, he got their plane tickets reissued speedily — and even scored them free rooms in a first-class hotel! Still not the best of honeymoons, but Good Samaritan Tom averted total horror for the grateful young newlyweds!”