Mike Walker

Tom Cruise Vs. Backstage Bully

Comes to the defense of fellow actors on movie set!

tom cruise

Mike Walker reports … “Top Gun” and Scientology terror Tom Cruise just became “My Favorite Alien” encore for exploding into full-bore bully control while filming his new flick “American Made” — raging and ripping into a nasty-tempered staffer who kept slamming low level actors and extras for allegedly “not getting their scenes right!”

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Said My American Spy: “Tom overheard the creepy crew guy’s vicious cracks, shot him a bone-chilling stare that’d stop ‘Xenu’ in his tracks — then yanked the punk aside, delivering a piercing tongue-lashing that everyone strained to hear, barking, ‘Don’t you EVER talk to them like that again! UNDERSTAND ME!? … NEVER AGAIN! You wouldn’t dare talk to ME like that — so give the same courtesy to every person on this set!’ ”

(Mic Drop! … Yay, Tom!!)