‘Today’ Host Willie Geist SHRINKS After ‘Itsy-T**sy’ Amanda Seyfried Goof!

Willie Geist Introduces Amanda Seyfried


Total on-air BUST for “Today” host Willie Geist, who’s enduring merciless backstage teasing for his jaw-dropping, dumbass intro of gorgeous guest Amanda Seyfried, in studio to plug her new “Ted 2” flick. 

Amanda GASPED as goofy Geist garbled: “You all know Amanda Seyfried from her role as the TITSY … er, ditsy, excuse me … teen in ‘Mean Girls’! … She was DITSY … is what I meant to say … !”

Shamed, shrinking Willie turned beet-red as co-hosts Natalie Morales and Tamron Hall – even Amanda herself – roared with helpless laughter!

“Willie’s still quite shaken by the endless fallout from his jaw-dropping goof – he didn’t expect to be ribbed for days and days,” said a show insider. “Crew members keep jibing him relentlessly about what they’re calling his ‘TITILLATING tongue twister,’ jeering stuff like, ‘Hey Willie – keeping abreast of any really BIG stories?’”