I’m about to run a “Guilt Trip” on BARBRA STREISAND, exposing her as that dreaded party animal known as a “double dipper!”

When a crew member on her new movie threw a dinner party at his home, La Streisand showed up with hubby JAMES BROLIN and made a beeline for the appetizers – especially the expensive caviar!

Said My SpyWitness: “After gobbling caviar for awhile, Barbra looked up as if surprised that she was the only one digging in – but that was because everyone had noticed how she’d dip her cracker into the caviar, nibble a bite, then dip it back in again!”


The diva did the same with the guacamole and chips – so when the party wrapped, the host wrapped up the caviar and dipping sauces Barbra had double-dipped, and urged her to take them home!