Screams and gunfire suddenly erupted in Caesars Palace in Las Vegas as an enraged criminal emerged from a casino elevator, opened fire and shot two people – just as another elevator door opened to reveal comedian JERRY SEINFELD, who stepped out smiling…then “went white as a sheet,” he told pals.

Jerry, who’d just finished his last show at Caesars, had elevator-ed down from his suite for some gambling action. But when the doors opened, he walked out into a war zone! Confused at first by people running, screams and staccato popping sounds, Jerry suddenly got it! No fan of flying bullets, he fast-tracked to the elevator bank, desperately hit buttons – and dove through the first door that opened. “I was never more frightened in my life,” he recalled. “My heart was pounding. I thought: ‘Hey, if I want this kind of action, I’ll just stay in New York!’ ” Punching the button for his floor, hebreathed a sigh of relief, whisking up-up-and-away from Vegas action nobody needs!