GOING FOR BROKE? Looking haggard and pale, LINDSAY LOHAN – in stained T-shirt and ripped jean shorts – cruised a Venice Beach grocery with a galpal, then pushed a cart loaded with chips, cookies, ice cream and assorted junk food to the checkout.

“She looked like a mess,” said My SpyWitness, “and she ran into trouble when an irate older woman behind her complained that Lindsay had at least 20 items in her cart in a line designated for 15 tops!”

Whirling on the woman, Mean Grrrl defiantly tossed her hair and snarled: “Mind your own business, lady!” After tossing her items on the counter, eyebrows shot up when the cashier told her the total – and Ms. Movie Star suddenly discovered she had NO dough! Appealing for a pal-pay, she got another shock when the gal produced a crumpled $10 bill.

“You’ll have to put stuff back,” the cashier told Lohan, who glared – then freaked, yelling: “This is just f****** great!” As people grumbled at the wait, Lindsay – whining like a spoiled brat – prattled: “Well…I have to have my Ben & Jerry’s and…OMG…I have to have my chips and salsa too.”

Picking out a few items, Lindsay left the rest – including a blonde hair extension from her unkempt ’do. The woman who’d originally complained about her checkout etiquette held up the swatch like it was a dead mouse, squealing: “I think you dropped something!” Snatching it back, Lindsay rattled out the door.