Mike Walker

Zac Efron: No More Nudes!

Actor wants to be taken seriously.

Zac Efron Nude

Zac Efron’s new vow: NEVER drop trou!

“NO NUDES!” ain’t good news for horny fan babes of Zac “Sad Sack” Efron, who’s whining to pals and handlers over horrible, career-killing reviews of his box-office bomb “Dirty Grandpa” — co-starring Robert De Niro in the fattest flop of HIS illustrious career — and here’s my Naked Truth: Henceforth, Zac’s keepin’ it in the SACK!

Reveals My Full Monty Spy: “Zac’s devastated over this huge disaster! He was so psyched to star in a movie with Robert De Niro, and just can’t believe it bombed this big! One top reviewer called it ‘the worst film of Robert De Niro’s career … or maybe ANYBODY’S!’

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“But Zac knows his worst was cavorting NAKED in an act of mistaken child molestation. Suddenly serious about being taken seriously, he’s vowed to stop stripping … er, as soon as he finishes shirtless scenes in the new ‘Baywatch’ flick he’s filming!”

Stay tuned.