Mike Walker

Ozzy Osbourne — Blasting Sharon Over HIS Cheating

Blames wife for his doing 'stupid things!'

sharon osbourne ozzy cheating
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Mike Walker Reports… Unrepentant rocker Ozzy Osbourne’s “Crazy Train” smashed me flat when the madman launched into a lunatic rant that’s infuriated long-suffering wife Sharon Osbourne — plus her pals on “The Talk!”

Said My Osbourne Insider: “Ozzy’s suddenly blaming his lifelong serial sex addiction/cheating on Sharon, blathering that she’s responsible for his wandering eye — that if she’d been around more and not out working all the time, he wouldn’t do ‘stupid things!’

Ozzy shockingly told a reporter: ‘Sharon’s a workaholic and that’s great — but I’m just sitting here with my thumb up my arse and waiting for her to go to bed, aren’t I?

‘That’s why men do stupid things when they’re on their own!’”

But poo-pooed patient Sharon: “That’s just Ozzy being Ozzy!”