Sexy Wife Jackie To Adam Sandler: Stuff Yer Stuff In Those Undies, Boy!

Adam sandler splash square

ADAM SANDLER smiles at press reports that he and sexy actress wife Jackie “can’t keep their hands off each other” – even after two kiddies – but the laughter stopped cold when Funnyman opened his underwear drawer and … Yee-IKES!… every last pair of his fave ‘n comfy, baggy old boxers had been tossed and replaced with BRIEFS!

Jackie ran to their bedroom when she heard Hubby howl, “My boxers are missing – WHERE ARE MY BOXERS??”

Said my source: “Jackie quickly explained she’d gotten rid of Adam’s drab, saggy drawers, replacing them with much sexier, butt-hugging tighty-whiteys. But when he griped that his old ones were perfectly comfortable, and he doesn’t even like briefs, Jackie responded so passionately – purring how him looking sexy and hot was such a turn-on – Adam abruptly forgot all about … er, whatever it was?”