Mike Walker

Seth Meyers’ Sex Symbol Turn

Mistaken identity floors flattered 'Late Night' host!

seth meyers hugh grant mistaken identity
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Mike Walker reports….  From the who-me?-couldn’t-be dept. comes this tale of funnyman Seth Meyers lighting up like a sparkly Christmas tree!

Seth was found beaming from ear to ear at a star-studded Hollywood bash after a femme fan mistook the self-described “Late Night” talk show “geek” for none other than sexy British heartthrob Hugh Grant!

“Seth couldn’t believe his ears when the gorgeous guest sashayed over, gushing that her favorite movie is ‘Bridget Jones’s Diary,’” laughed a pal.

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“Seth, totally perplexed, asked, ‘Uh, just exactly who do you think I am?’

“When the gal said, ‘You’re Hugh Grant — and you look more handsome than ever!’ Seth just about spit out his soda!

“He was so verklempt over the flattering case of mistaken identity, he just muttered a quick ‘Wow, gee, thanks’ … then bolted to find his wife, so he could brag about the mind-blowing compliment!”

Hey Seth, looking good! … And how was your week?