Scoop: Mystery Star Who’ll Live In Hagman’s House!

 After the sale of LARRY HAGMAN’s magnificent 43-acre estate in California’s upscale Ojai – a city so beautiful it’s nicknamed “Shangri-La” – word quickly leaked that it had been purchased by the Church of Scientology, but neighbors kept asking the question: Who would actually be living there?

Well, here’s the scoop: Turns out the actual inhabitant of “J.R.” Hagman’s real-life Southfork will be none other than Scientology’s Golden Boy himself, Master of the Universe TOM CRUISE!

“Tom just fell in love with the property,” said an estate insider.

“He loves the privacy, the spectacular views, the extraordinary craftsmanship and beautiful woodwork in the home – which also includes a massive secret room that contains a state-of-the-art safe that’s so HUGE, it had to be installed by a crane before the mansion was built around it!”