Mike Walker

Sandra Bullock Shocker: Birthday Betrothal!

Bryan Randall will pop the question on actress’ 52nd b-day.

Sandra Bullock Mike Walker MondayNE
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Don’t believe all those “I’ll probably never marry again” lines Sandra Bullock keeps bellowing.

It’s all a ruse to keep pesky press from zeroing in on the startling truth: Unlucky-in-love Sandy — rudely kicked off badboy ex-hubby Jesse James’ motorcycle — is secretly plotting to tie the knot encore on July 26 … her 52nd birthday!

Though her rep said there is no engagement, my source says: “Sandra’s beaming over secret save-the-date whispers to pals because she and photographer beau Bryan Randall are up to something HUGE — a big fat birthday wedding! She’s crazy in love, and so happy with Bryan and her two adopted kids she’s confident this marriage will last!”