Bitter battle brewing between PRINCE WILLIAM and Granny, aka THE QUEEN: Even though the sex of their unborn child isn’t known yet, William told The Queen he and KATE are adamant that if Baby’s a girl, she will bear the name of William’s beloved mother, DIANA!

The Queen’s response was swift and ruthless: She not only vetoed the idea, she warned William that further discussion is forbidden!

Explained My Palace Spy: “The Queen has the absolute right to approve all names of potential royal heirs. But her decision has unleashed a bitter family feud – the royal household’s in a total uproar. William turned to PRINCE CHARLES for support, but his father told him he wouldn’t even try to fight this battle. Charles understands his son wants to honor his mother’s legacy, but told him The Queen will never budge on her decision.”

Neither will Will, it seems: He’s told Granny he WILL honor Princess Diana – and WON’T submit any other female name!  (OFF with his head!)