In a shocking mutiny triggered by ROSIE O’DONNELL’s razor-tongued rants and rages, a driver for “The View” suddenly blew his stack, angrily ordered Ms. Back-Seat Big-Mouth out of his limo in mid-Manhattan – and sent her packing in a TAXI! Network insiders say the bizarre blowup caps a long-simmering feud that started when Rosie joined “The View” – and angry drivers began complaining to producers that the star never shuts her yammering yap! “She’s either barking directions, telling the driver how to drive – or spewing her political views at them,” said a source. “Two of her drivers became so frustrated they’ve flatly refused to drive her again – ever!” Then the Rosie Revolt really kicked into high gear! Outraged by the star’s loud, non-stop motor-mouthing, her driver du jour pulled his limo over halfway to the studio, got out and hailed a cab – then angrily ordered Rosie: “Get out of my car and take this cab!” Stunned Rosie – who thought at first the guy was kidding — angrily disembarked, spewing threats that she’d get him fired! “I don’t care,” snapped the driver – and roared off without even waving goodbye! Stay tuned.