Robin’s Goofy Galpal’s Got A Real THICKE Head!


After vowing to end their ongoing war, ROBIN THICKE and PAULA PATTON gushed, “let’s have an amicable divorce” – but it all went to hell again after Robin’s curvy new 19-year-old model galpal, APRIL LOVE GEARY, outrageously posted a provocative “morning after” selfie that insiders ID’d as a shot clicked right in Robin’s BED!

Gasped an inside family source: “Paula ERUPTED! She’d been trying to cooperate, but couldn’t believe Robin would throw his new girl toy right in her face! WTF, right? She raged that Robin was ‘pathetic … a joke’ and told him, ‘GROW UP!’

"But here’s the clincher: Robin then hung up on her!”

WOW! No “Blurred Lines” here!