Mike Walker

‘Revenant’ Star Leonardo DiCaprio Can’t Bear Getting Clawed By Oscar Jinx!

The talented actor thinks he’s cursed.

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DON’T YOU DARE call “The Revenant” star Leonardo DiCaprio “Leo The Lion-Hearted” while discussing his chances of finally winning Best Actor Oscar after his staggering SIXTH nomination this year — he’s still stinging after a whopping FIVE losses!

The thin-skinned star roared like a wounded grizzly at a Hollywood bash when a well-wishing chap gushed, “Leo, you were GREAT in ‘The Revenant’ — you’ll definitely win the Oscar!”

Said My SpyWitness: “Leo literally exploded, snarling, ‘DON’T SAY THAT! Everyone’s saying it — and it’s a CURSE! I’ve heard this for years, and been nominated six times — but I NEVER WIN!’”

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So … Leo thinks he’s jinxed? (Does a bear s**t in the woods?)