Mike Walker

Regis Philbin Rippin’ New One For Stinkin’ Snob Kelly Ripa!

Although they co-hosted for years, the two don’t speak any more.

Regis Philbin Kelly Ripa — They Don’t Speak
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Talk about RIPPIN’ into Ripa! Regis Philbin’s still cranky after all these years at snooty Kelly Ripa,  who — despite 10 years co-hosting together on “Live with Regis and Kelly” — NEVER, EVER spoke so much as a single word to him after their final on-air farewell!

Said My Live Spy: “Regis and Kathie Lee Gifford, his other TV co-host, are still thick as thieves, and KLG — who’s groused for years to pals about Kelly crapping on her ‘Reege’ — loves that the suddenly blindsided diva’s been spitting bullets since Michael Strahan split for greener pastures. Like everyone in TV, Regis and Kathie Lee simply can’t fathom why Kelly thinks Michael owes her even one damn thing!”

Ripa fanfare: “Rip THIS!” … And how was YOUR week?

Regis Philbin Is Back!