Pushy Paltrow commandeers shop,
ignoring gaping staff and patrons!


Playing her trademark pampered princess role, GWYNETH PALTROW waltzed into Cafe Midi, an LA cafe/gift shop, stopped abruptly when she spotted several of her “It’s All Good,” cookbooks crammed haphazardly into the stacks – and instantly went goopy-loopy!

Marveled My SpyWitness: “Acting like she owned the joint, Gwyneth immediately began shoving other books and merchandise aside, rearranging everything as she built a display of her books ONLY – making sure they were displayed more prominently than anything else while dismayed store staff and customers gawked and gasped!

"No one said a word – it was like Gwyneth owned the damn shop! Then she abruptly stalked out of the store without saying a single word – or buying anything!”