“PULL THE PLUG” DEATHBED SHOCKER: BEE GEE’s son battles stepmother


Even as cancer-stricken Bee Gee ROBIN GIBB fought desperately for life in a London hospital, a bitter deathbed battle raged between Robin’s wife DWINA and eldest son SPENCER – who insisted his stepmother should give docs permission to pull the plug and let Robin die with dignity!

Said a source close to the star: “While family members kept a vigil at Robin’s bedside, Spencer and Dwina got into an absolutely vicious fight over whether the machine keeping him alive should be shut off.

Robin’s been fighting cancer since 2010, but when pneumonia landed him in the hospital and he slipped into a coma, life support was the only hope for keeping him alive. Spencer, adamant that his dad wouldn’t want to live this way, kept insisting that Dwina should OK pulling the plug. But Dwina flatly refused. She was livid and finally erupted, shrieking: ‘The decision is mine to make and what I say goes – I refuse to pull the plug on your father!’”

Dwina never wavered in her belief that Robin would regain consciousness, but the battle with Spencer kept escalating – getting so nasty she tried to ban him from the hospital room.

“In the end, Dwina was vindicated – Robin did come out of the coma, even though he was far from out of the woods,” said the source.

“But despite the joy of Robin’s revival, and the family singing songs of hope at his bedside, Dwina and Spencer are NOT speaking to each other anymore!”

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