PRINCESS KATE AGONY: Prince Charming suffers anew over mum DIANA’s death


People’s Princess KATE MIDDLETON showed a brave face during THE QUEEN’s Diamond Jubilee, but My Royal Spy reveals she’s secretly terrified because husband PRINCE WILLIAM’s suffering severe anxiety attacks triggered when a French judge suddenly reopened investigations into the 1997 Paris car crash death of his mum, PRINCESS DIANA – citing a bombshell note suppressed by British cops in which she accused the Royal Family of plotting her murder!

Since that shocker exploded in the British press, says the source, “William’s been getting intense headaches, can’t sleep – and feels like he’s reliving his mother’s death.


"Kate hates it when reports like this surface because it throws the Prince into a state of depression.


"Rumors of the Royal Family plotting Diana’s crash keep cropping up, and William can’t deal with speculation that his own family could be behind his mother’s death.”


Reports one British press source: “Diana’s lawyers recorded that Diana had a meeting with them where she detailed how an assassination plot existed to kill her in a staged road traffic accident. The note only came to light after PAUL BURRELL (Diana’s butler) took a similar note in Diana’s own hand to the ‘Daily Mirror’” newspaper.


Says our source: “It’s absolute torture for William — and sheer hell for Kate, who’s desperate to comfort her future King of England!”