Mike Walker

Prince William’s Wild Clowning Around

Future king wigs out and brings down the house!

prince william orange clown wig
Getty Images/Files

Mike Walker reports….  Flame-thatched Prince Harry usually plays the clown at informal palace gatherings, but giggles exploded when guests glanced up and gasped at an unlikely sight!

Notably stiffer brother Prince William had suddenly strolled in wearing a hilarious red circusclown wig!

Snickered My Royal Spy, Lord Knows: “Newly engaged Harry burst into chuckles — and palace party-goers almost peed their prissy pants!”

Princess Diana’s Tragic Final Phone Call To Will & Harry!

William had Harry in stitches, bellowing: “NO JOKE! I was recently mistaken for you, brother!

“But I had to correct the confused Englishwoman who made the error!

“‘I’m not the Ginger Prince,’ I protested to her at first, but I suppose that somehow now I am!”

(Wanna take a test drive, Meghan?)