Pretty Annoying Woman All Gere’d Up!


A frantic femme fan went bats**t crazy after being seated right next to RICHARD GERE’s table at chi-chi Chateau Marmont – she instantly started battering him with endless idiotic questions about JULIA ROBERTS, his costar in the iconic film “Pretty Woman!”

Marveled My Marmont Spy: “The woman kept turning to Richard, interrupting his business lunch, wanting to talk to him about her ‘favorite star’ – not Richard, but Julia. At first, Gere was very polite, but it got really ridiculous when the woman told him she’d just love to speak with Julia personally – and actually begged him to get her on his cell phone!

Richard’s jaw just dropped – but fortunately for him, the Chateau’s ever-alert security staff moved in and hustled Looney Lady out before she could make a bad scene even worse.

Richard, shaking his head, told a staffer, ‘I did ‘Pretty Woman’ 25 years ago – I don’t even have Julia’s phone number anymore!’”