Press-hating ALEC BALDWIN lets wife join The Tabloids!

Happy to announce that ever since ALEC BALDWIN and I patched up our headline-making feud – he called me a “whore…and goat-footed queen,” then soothed the sting by adding “and all my male lovers agree” – I am now, apparently, the only journalist on the planet the “30 Rock” star is NOT battling (at the moment, anyway)!

And even though Baldwin’s declared on the record that entertainment journalists “cheapen and demystify show business” – and that he desperately wants TMZ’s HARVEY LEVIN “to die breathing his last breath looking into my eyes” – the dad-to-be’s apparently mellowed enough to allow new wife HILARIA THOMAS to join the tabloid TV show “Extra.”

A warm welcome to our world, Mrs. Baldwin – but a word of warning: Don’t ever walk up on your husband unexpectedly while carrying a camera in your hand.

(Oh, I’m kidding! Seriously… good luck.)