Hot new “Sopranos” Emmy-winner Drea de Matteo–now starring as Matt LeBlanc‘s TV sis on “Joey”–exploded in a seething rage when she left Jerry’s Deli in Studio City and spotted two whimpering dogs baking inside a locked van with windows barely cracked! Storming back inside like her hard-boiled “Sopranos” gang moll, Drea got the whole joint’s attention when she shrieked, “Whoever’s got their dogs locked inside that van out there…I’M ABOUT TO BASH IN YOUR WINDOW!” A woman picking up a takeout order gasped, “That’s my car!” Instantly, Drea got right in the startled babe’s kisser, ranting that her poor dogs could suffocate in the 90-plus heat. “But…I was only gone a few minutes,” yelled the woman defensively. Grabbing her food, she bolted for the parking lot–but Drea stayed right behind her, observing grimly as Ms. Screw Loose opened the van door and switched on air conditioning to cool her parboiled pets!