Petite Ariana’s 


Barely 21, but generating grand diva shockwaves, babydoll-ish ARIANA GRANDE stunned diners at an elegant LA sushi bar as she gabbed with a galpal, loudly machine-gunning raunchy jokes peppered with her filthy fave du jour – that effing EFF word!

Said an eyewitness: “It seemed like every other word out of Ariana’s mouth was an EFF – more than most girls say, ‘like!’ Diners were literally gasping when a manager – not recognizing the singer – finally approached and asked her to keep it down.

"But petite Grande went all ‘star,’ sneering: ‘DO YOU KNOW WHO I AM?!’ When the manager said no, she said: ‘I’m Ariana Grande – 
I have the #1record in the world!’ Said the manager, ‘All I’m asking is that you keep it down – customers are complaining.’

"Snarled Ariana, ‘I’m done anyway!’ … and left in a HUFF.” (Or was it an EFF?)