Paula Patton To Robin Thicke: Gifts Don’t Do It, Dummy!

Paula Patton

“STOP with the gifts,” barked ROBIN THICKE’s estranged wife PAULA PATTON, during one of his countless phone calls as he very publicly campaigned to woo her back!

Reports a source close to the star: “In one two-week period alone, Robin gifted Paula with a diamond tennis bracelet, a pair of turquoise (her birthstone) earrings, and a gorgeous platinum chain that holds a diamond key!”

Peeved Paula really reached her limit when her doorbell rang and a messenger delivered a life-size photo cutout of the couple snapped when both were teenagers.

Exasperated, she told Robin: “I can’t believe you think sending all these presents is going to make everything all better!”

Confided the insider: “She’s insulted that he thinks he can win her back with pricey gifts. He knows what it’s going to take – and it’s nothing he can buy with money!”

The source says Paula thinks Robin has an obsession with sex that needs to be addressed before she’ll even consider taking him back.