DR. DEMPSEY’S Ready For Your Amputation!

Usually mild-mannered “Grey’s Anatomy” doc PATRICK DEMPSEY shocked co-workers when he abruptly blew a gasket and started spewing expletives upon discovering that his much-beloved Mercedes classic car had mysteriously disappeared from the set! Said a show source: “No one had ever seen Patrick act like that. He’d stepped out of the studio for his lunch break — and suddenly exploded! He’d driven one of his collector cars to work — a 1969 Mercedes-Benz 280SE – but when he walked outside, he was horrified to discover it was AWOL from his privileged parking spot right next to the stage door. Instantly, Patrick went ballistic as producers launched a studio-wide search. Crew members fanned out everywhere, frantic phone calls were made – and finally, the mystery was solved! Turns out a production crew planning to shoot exteriors around the ‘Grey’s’ building had removed the car to a safe place nearby – but stupidly hadn’t informed Patrick! The star – relieved but still furious — ranted that if anyone EVER lays a hand on his precious wheels again, the good doctor will perform a hand amputation … with, presumably, NO anesthetic!”