Patrick Dempsey Has The Last Laugh On Grey’s Anatomy Boss

Dr. McDreamy aka Patrick Dempsey

SPOILER ALERT! Quit reading and yell “STOP!” if you don’t wanna hear my top-secret scoop on what’s next for TV-dead hunk Patrick “Dr. McDreamy” Dempsey – ruthlessly whacked from “Grey’s Anatomy” by shameless show boss Shonda Rhimes!

No one’s yelled “STOP!” …so let’s kick off the fun with this “rhime” for Shonda: Roses are red, Dempsey is DEAD … “Grey’s” fans are screaming “Off with her HEAD!”

A whopping 100,000-plus people just signed a petition begging Shonda to “resurrect” McDeady … er, McDreamy … wailing, “You’ve DESTROYED us. COMPLETELY! Why Shonda? WHY?”

Now enjoy THIS fun twist of the knife, folks: Shonda started hatin’ on fanatic race car driver Patrick – boss of his own pro driving team – and chopped him after he told the press he “could just walk away from acting … just focus on the driving, I would love that more than anything else!” But suddenly – REVENGE IS SWEET, SHONDA!

Said a top TV insider: “Looks like it’s Dempsey who’ll be crossing the finish line. A major network’s offered him more money than ANY actor on TV to star in a dream series deal – a medical drama centering on Patrick’s passion: Professional car racing! Talk about a perfect TV ‘vehicle!’ And this time, there’ll be no whining wife like ‘Meredith Grey’ – or that whining you-know-who – constantly busting our boy’s balls!” Talk about livin’ McDREAMY!