“Parlez vous, Rooski, mamacita?” HAYDEN hires linguist for mom-in-law!


DA, GRRL…DA! “Nashville” star HAYDEN PANETTIERE, who’s been taking Russian lessons for nearly  three years because she’s engaged to Ukrainian boxer WLADIMIR KLITSCHKO, refuses to take “nyet” for an answer to communications problems between her mom and her future mother-in-law!

Said a family source: “Hayden’s been taking Russian lessons for almost three years, so she’s able to speak fairly well with Wladimir’s mom, Nadia, but Hayden’s mom, Lesley, doesn’t speak a word of Russian – and Nadia speaks hardly any English.

This wasn’t much of a problem when the couple was just dating because Hayden and Wladimir were both usually around to translate whenever the families got together.

But after they got engaged last October, Hayden wanted her mom to be able to converse with mom-in-law – so now she shells out several hundred bucks for an interpreter who’s present every time the women meet. She figures it’s well worth it for them to have meaningful conversations to build a solid family relationship.” Da? DUH!