Exiting swanky eatery Ivy at the Shore, AL PACINO blinked in shock when a drunk walking ahead of him suddenly keeled over and crashed to the floor.

Quickly helping El Blotto to his feet, Al asked: “You’re not driving, are you?” That’s when a woman with the guy spoke up, slurring her words as she assured the star: “No, but it’s okay – I am!”

Rolling his eyes, Pacino insisted neither of them should get behind the wheel.

“It’s not just about you,” he said. “It’s about you possibly killing someone else.”

Refusing to take “no” for an answer, he walked them to his waiting limo, ordering his chauffeur to drive them to their Santa Monica home, then come back and pick him up.

(Moral of Al’s story? Don’t drive drunk – drive DRUNKS!)