“Nicholson” and “DeVito” SCORE Vegas freebie


 In Vegas, JACK NICHOLSON and DANNY DEVITO electrified diners – and the owner – when they strolled in for an 8 a.m. breakfast at Hash House A Go Go in the Plaza Hotel and Casino.

“Jack and Danny were great, graciously signing breakfast menus, posing for photos with fans, chatting up the staff,” said a source.

“Naturally, the owner was thrilled – and happily comped the stars’ meals.”

But after Jack and Danny left, a photo of the duo went up on Facebook – and it became apparent that nobody knew jack! OR Danny.

Turns out they were slicky-boy look-alikes – dead ringers for the dashing duo!

No problem-o, said unperturbed Hash House owner JIM REES.

“I’d rather comp a look-alike than risk offending the real thing by being too cautious.”

MEMO TO GENUINE JACK & DANNY: Come on in and try the super-size platters, fellas…it’s on Jim!