Mike Walker

Nicolas Cage Demands On-Set Exorcism

Spooky actor declared the haunted house had real ghosts!

nicolas cage ghosts weird behavior
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MIKE WALKER REPORTS…. Wacky Nicolas Cage held up shooting of his new flick “Southern Fury” while ranting: “Evil spirits are threatening me!”

Said My SpyWitness: “Producers groaned when Nic took one look at this old house where his character’s supposed to live, insisted he felt spooked and refused to enter because it was ‘haunted.’

Nic demanded that ‘spirit-chasers’ purify the spooky old dwelling with what’s called a ‘smudge’ — so-called magical herbs including sage, cedar, sweet grass and mugwort mixed in an ancient Indian pot and burned to release purifying fumes that drive away evil spirits pronto!

After the ritual, cagey ghostbuster Nic sniffed the air, detected NO evil spirits, grinned at the grateful producers and barked: ‘ROLL ’EM!’”