Newlywed Clooneys Go Loony Fixing Up Kooky Bill Murray!


It don’t get much weirder than BILL MURRAY flouncing onto “JIMMY KIMMEL Live” rocking a girlie miniskirt and cowboy boots! Or … DOES IT?! 

Just days before Bill’s mind-blowing Kimmel gig, GEORGE CLOONEY and bride AMAL ALAMUDDIN played Cupid for their new best friend (and Clooney co-star in “Monuments Men”), who’s a hardcore bachelor since his two divorces, TOTALLY refusing to date! Said a Murray insider: “George thinks Bill’s depressed and truly needs a gal – finding itvery sad that he attended the Clooney wedding alone! So George and Wifey arranged a get-acquainted lunch at their house for Bill and a gorgeous Amal galpal … but it ended in DISASTER!

Bill arrived sloppy and unshaven – wearing a loud red-and-white suit that looked more Ringling Brothers than Ralph Lauren. Worse, he kept yawning and grousing about his horrible marriages – and when Ms. DateMate finally spoke, he appeared to nod off in a nap! Enraged, the gal instantly stormed out!”