Talk about burnin’ up the house! Five-alarm ding-dong PAULA ABDUL invited friends over for dinner, lit candles around the house for atmosphere, bustled back into the kitchen humming an “American Idol” ditty – and suddenly sniffed smoke that smelled like nothing on the menu. Running into the dining room, Paula screamed as she spotted the source of The Big Stink – her drapes, apparently ignited by a candle, were engulfed in flames! A male pal who was just arriving yanked the drapes off the wall and stomped on them, while Paula ran for a pot of water. By the time all her friends arrived 10 minutes later, the fire was out, but the pad reeked of smoke. Paula, who’d been boo-hoo-ing, dried her eyes, cracked windows to air out the place, and invited the gang to dinner at Mr. Chow in BevHills.