Mike Walker

Fond Farewell To Nancy Reagan: Mike Walker’s Secret Fan!

She loved gossiping about the stories in his column!

Nancy Reagan Dead — Columnist Mike Walker Was A Fan

Despite becoming so frail she had to be carried upstairs in the arms of a Secret Service agent for once-a-week mani/pedi visits to her favorite LA nail clinic, Nancy Reagan NEVER skipped a clip until right before the end because she loved gossiping with the gals about juicy celeb hijinks reported in … OUR column!

Said a close friend of Dearly Departed: “Nancy went to her beauty appointment every Tuesday morning without fail for over twenty years, but unfortunately had to stop about a year ago when she got too weak to continue the outings she so enjoyed. Nancy especially loved gossip, and just couldn’t wait to chat with the ladies about celebrity shenanigans from Mike Walker’s gossip column! It was one of her favorite things to do … she simply LOVED it!”

Miss you SO much, First Lady!