Naked Lovers Brad & Gwyneth: Sign Each Other’s Naughty Bits?


THE BALLS ON THAT WOMAN! BRAD PITT exploded when a fan at a film festival waltzed up with a copy of the notorious 1997 “Playgirl” mag the star got courts to legally BAN for a shocking pic showing him standing tall in naked glory next to full-frontal nude ex-squeeze, GWYNETH PALTROW!

And talk about dick moves: Fan Guy had the balls to ask the superstar to autograph the eye-popping pic right on his … er, super-parts!

Said a close Pitt pal: “Brad was pissed when the fan approached with an old copy of the famously banned mag, showing Brad’s buff bits – then begged him to sign smack on his whatsit! Brad said ‘NO way,’ but his jaw dropped when the jerk unfolded the raunchy centerfold and pointed out Gwyneth’s autograph … SIGNED SMACK ON PITT’S PRIDE AND JOY! Asked the guy, ‘Please sign it, too?’ Totally pissed, Brad ran the boob off and phoned Gwyneth – but she just poo-pooed, claimed she couldn’t remember if she’d signed – and giggled, ‘You’re still upset over that little thing? Move on!’ Clenching his teeth, Brad clicked off Ms. Goop – muttering how lucky he’d been NOT marrying ‘that woman!’ ”