Miley To Liam: Lez Share Girls! … Or Wedding’s Kaput, Killjoy!

Liam Hemsworth breakup with Miley Cyrus

Guys reading this sex-drenched scoop-dee-doo are gonna howl, “Waaat? … Liam, are you CRAAAZY??”

Brace for the total, titillating TRUTH: The secret reason hunky Liam Hemsworth suddenly broke off his fiery romance/impending marriage to twerk-alicious sex symbol Miley Cyrus was Raunchy Li’l Wrecking Ball’s mind-blowing insistence that she and Saucy Aussie share marital beddie-byes with other women … enjoying grrrly-whirly THREE-SOMES!

Said My Cyrus Source: “Liam knew Miley was a sexual free-thinker – but although most guys admit to girl-on-girl fantasizing, Miley blew Liam’s mind by confiding her desire to experiment with women while they were engaged – which totally crossed the line for him!

"Liam could handle Miley dirty-twerking with Robin Thicke – but considering the traditional marriage he wanted, naked women sleeping with him and Wifey totally crossed the line. And when Miley insisted, Liam instantly broke off the romance!”

Guess she wasn’t kidding when she confided to mom Tish that when it comes to girls, “I love them … I love them like I love boys!”