Mike Walker

Miley Cyrus’ Blues Over Busted-Up Buddha

Pop star's heart broken over material possession!

miley cyrus religion buddhism
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Mike Walker Reports… Devastated after a drunk dude destroyed her beloved antique statue of Buddha, Miley Cyrus is desperately seeking comfort in deep Zen meditation sessions!

Reported My Cyrus Spy: “Miley, a serious student of Buddhism, showed pals during a private bash at her Malibu pad her fave antique Buddha statue worth thousand$$$ — but then some dude she didn’t even know charged it like a wrecking ball!

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“Grabbing and hugging the religious icon, he sacrilegiously smashed it to bits on the floor!

“Horrified, Miley shrieked hysterically, ‘What have you done … You broke my favorite Buddha! IT WAS VERY SPECIAL TO ME!’

“Before shocked pals could react, the loony-tic hightailed it out the door!”