Mike Walker

Michael Jackson Fury: ‘No White Man Plays ME!’

Joseph Fiennes will play Jacko in TV flick.

Michael Jackson TV Movie With Joseph Fiennes

Fury over smarmy, smug Brit actor Joseph “Whitey” Fiennes playing Michael Jackson in a UK TV flick EXPLODED with such a globe-shaking bang that Fiennes tried smoothing ruffled feathers with a hand-delivered letter to MJ’s mom Katherine!

Said my Jackson Family insider: “Fiennes wrote that even though the movie’s a tongue-in-cheek comedy, he promises to honor Michael’s memory and not portray him as a cartoon character. But sweet words didn’t sway the family!

“Katherine’s upset, but kids PRINCE and PARIS are LIVID! They’re ultra-sensitive to Dad portrayed as a weirdo by casting a white man to play him — highlighting his unfortunate skin condition in a creepy running joke! So Fiennes gets NO goodwill, period!”

NOTE: Michael flipped years ago when Oprah asked about reports that a white kid might play him in a Pepsi commercial, raging: “That’s the most ridiculous, horrifying story I’ve ever heard. It’s crazy!”

Uh oh!