A sudden loud crash ruined a scene “The Mentalist” star SIMON BAKER was shooting near downtown Pasadena, Calif., when a nutty female fan dying to meet him crashed her car into a truck parked on the set!

Said My Mentalist Spy: “This lady’s favorite actor in the world happens to be Simon, so when a friend called to say our star was filming just a few blocks away, she jumped into her spanking-new blue BMW and raced over – so excited she didn’t immediately see barricades blocking off the street, swerved sharply and…CRASH… slammed into our equipment truck!”

Crew members came running to help the 40-ish gal, who was dazed but unhurt and immediately wailed: “Oh, my god! I’ve only had this car for three days – and now look what I’ve done.”

But it wasn’t a total loss for the lass, who beamed when Simon strolled up and drawled: “This is one hell of a way to try and meet someone!”

After taking a picture with her idol, the elated woman gushed to the crew: “Hey, my car can be fixed…but meeting Simon was so worth it!”


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