Mariah Carey’s Billionaire Beau Buys Chandelier To Bathe Her In ‘I Do’ Glow!

Mariah Carey and Aussie boyfriend James Packer


Mariah Carey’s Aussie boyfriend James Packer – a billionaire and handsome stud (weepin’ yet, grrls?) – is secretly plotting to light up her life with a glittering marriage proposal that’d make ANY princess starry-eyed: Packer’s gonna pop the question as his honey’s bathed in the glow of a multi-million$$$ antique chandelier that once hung in France’s Versailles Palace!

Said My Carey Cohort: “Mariah collects antique chandeliers – she literally fills her homes with them, knowing how beautiful she looks in their soft, romantic light – so James is wheeling and dealing to buy a stunning silver chandelier designed in 1736 for King George II that sold a while back for a whopping $9 million! But price is no object for Packer, who prays dazzled Mariah won’t be able to say ‘No!’”

Aaaaaww! Weeping NOW, ladies?