Mike Walker

Mariah Carey: Breasts Are Real — But The $10 Million Ring Is Fake!

It don't mean a thing if you don't flash that bling!

mariah carey engagement ring

Mike Walker Reports… Hate to bust your bubble, but busty Mariah Carey is shakin’ & fakin’ right in our faces — and I do NOT mean her Mamma-mia-massive- 35D’s, which are genuine Grade A Prime!

Nope, folks, here’s my scoop: That gigantic 35-carat “diamond” engagement ring Aussie billionaire loverboy JAMES PACKER slipped onto Mimi’s dainty digit is a total PHONY every other time ya blink, mate!

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Say WAAAAT?? Explained My Gem Yenta: “That crazy giant rock James gave Mariah is so incredibly valuable — worth an estimated $10 million — that she fretted about wearing it in public.

“So Clever Grrrl had an exact non-precious replica made and wears the flashy fake when she travels, performs or attends functions.

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“But the real deal REALLY makes Mimi squeal!

“She loves flashing her diamond/ platinum sparkler whenever she’s with very close pals, alone with James — or even just by herself — gushing that it makes her feel like a million bucks!”