Madonna’s Loving Gift For Paris: A Spectacular Wedding!

Madonna ne short

Just scooped how Madonna’s got Kabbalah priests poring over secret celestial charts to target the perfect date for her encore marriage to Sean Penn — and now I’ve unearthed a new ooo-la-la nuptial nugget: After refusing to cancel a Stockholm concert right after the horrific Paris terror attacks, Madonna — after singing an emotional rendition of “Like a Prayer” dedicated to the French capital she famously adores — was struck by a heartfelt inspiration: She’ll marry Sean in her beloved City of Light!

Said a source: “Awash in emotion, she told Sean -— who was deeply moved! Thrilled, Madonna told pals she feels their Parisian wedding will shine as a beautiful, symbolic gesture of love and hope — a reaffirming ‘I do’ for them … for Paris … and the world!”

Viva La Madge!