YOU’VE GOT MAIL — FROM HELL! If this message doesn’t blow your Enquiring Mind, check your pulse! A nasty e-mail signed “Madonna” and publicly posted on the property of her next-door neighbor raged at the guy — charging that noise pollution caused by workers renovating his house is forcing her to sell her $7 million home. “It has been like living in a war zone,” Madonna fumed in the e-attack — complaining that hard-hats renovating the guy’s house “start with jackhammers, chain saws and metal cutters . . . hammering and pounding” too soon after sunup. “Over the last few months . . . my son cannot take his nap, my husband cannot write . . . I cannot write, or think or work!” The once-raucous rocker rants about other neighbors who blast music, throw loud parties and have screaming late-night fights, then adds: “When your work started next door, we thought, ‘Jesus Christ . . . will this ever end?'” Dumping on chilly BevHills snobs, zillionaire Madonna snipes: “We were much better off living in a lower-income neighborhood (where) people cannot afford to turn their homes into show palaces and are much friendlier. Thanks to you, we are now looking for a new house — and a new neighborhood!” (Buh-bye, Beverly Hell!)